Coverage for your toys

How should I insure my boat?

You should always max out your boat liability to the best available limit, which is usually $500,000.  Furthermore, you should carry uninsured boater limits to match that at $500,000.  Insuring your boat’s trailer with the correct stated value is also a necessity on your boat policy.  Let's discuss your boat and specific needs to determine the comprehensive and collision deductibles.

My motorcycle?

Your motorcycle policy will typically mirror your auto policy.  The state of Colorado extends your medical and uninsured motorist coverage from the auto policy to your motorcycle policy, but this coverage does not extend to passengers riding on your motorcycle.  We recommend our clients carry these important coverages on their motorcycle policy, as well.

My motorhome?

Your motorhome is going to be insured much like your primary auto, but most of the time this needs to be on its own policy.  Carriers will offer some unique coverages for motorhome owners, such as vacation liability.  This essentially covers you and your family from any liability that could happen while the motorhome is parked and you are vacationing. 

My fifth wheel camper?

The nice thing about insuring your fifth wheel, is that you can have this added right on to your primary auto policy.  The camper does not need to carry liability coverage as this coverage extends from the vehicle that is pulling the camper.  The only coverage you would need to carry is the comprehensive and collision coverage, and towing if available.



You are going to insure your ATV much like you insure your motorcycle.  You will have the option to insure the ATV for trail and road use, or simply trail use which could reduce your yearly premium.