Auto Insurance

Where should I set my deductibles at?

  • We always recommend looking at different deductible options and the premiums associated.  Picking the correct auto insurance deductible is all about finding the balance of what you can afford to pay out of pocket if a claim occurs, and and the premium that fits your budget.


"Full coverage" or liability only?

  • This is a very case by case question, and depends heavily on you. How much do you feel your car is worth?  And, if your vehicle is totaled tomorrow, do you have the means to replace the vehicle?  The answer to these two questions will let us know if you need comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle.  Also, keep in mind that if you have a loan on a vehicle, most likely your finance company is going to require "full coverage" insurance with a minimum of $1,000 deductibles for comprehensive and collision.


Do you need accident or ticket forgiveness?

  • This is an outstanding additional coverage, if available.  It's even more important if you have a teenage driver in your household.  Teenagers are more likely to get into an accident or be cited with a traffic ticket.  The rate increase without accident forgiveness could be substantial.  Traffic ticket or accident forgiveness usually waives one incident in the household within that insurance policy term.  This coverage could end up saving you a lot of money.


At what point do I need to add a teenage driver to my policy?

  • You need to add your teenager onto your policy as soon as they become a licensed driver.  It's great practice to update your auto insurance agent when your child has gotten their permit.  Keeping your agent in the loop allows them time to begin shopping all of our carriers to find the best insurance rates available.  Planning ahead will help you know what rate to expect ahead of time. In addition, it gives you time to seek out the “good student discount” and “approved driver safety course discount” documentation.


What GPA does my teenage driver need for a good student discount?

  • Your student needs to be able to document a 3.0 or better GPA in school from their last semester’s report card.